Ghana Church Plant: Michael Garner

In April of this year, I had the opportunity to return to Ghana. For this trip, the agenda was substantively didifferent than prior trips. The primary objective of the trip was to attend the dedication of the Evangelical Family Church’s new facility in Sogakope.

Christ Church partnered with the community and International Needs (IN) to construct a wonderful new facility to replace a small temporary structure. On Saturday and Sunday, it was an overflowing congregation. The excitement and energy were comparable to the temperature – high! During the service, several people were recognized including a group of local “church planters” who – many years ago – pooled their limited funds to purchase the land, hoping someday God would build a church.

The next two days were full of interaction and inductive Bible training with local church planters and staff from International Needs. The time spent with these dedicated Christians was amazing. They are on the front line, riding bicycles and motorbikes from village to village – sharing the Gospel, reaching souls and establishing communities of faith.

One day, an informal dinner turned into an evening of hymns and praise – all in the local language. Later, we visited Kuve and other villages, all communities in which Christ Church and IN supplied basic necessities such as clean water, improved schools, sanitary restrooms, and medical services. While there is still much that needs to be done, it is clear that God is using Christ Church to help the people of Ghana.