Week Two I Day 2


“Abraham cared for others. He did not fight to get to the head of the line.”



A former professor of mine is known for boldly serving the community. He once shared the question he is asked most: “Why are you doing this?”

In response, he leans forward with a twinkle in his eye and asks, “Do you really want to know?”

In Genesis 14, an old man risks his whole household to rescue his nephew from calamity. Why? What might compel someone to do something so risky, so illogically sacrificial?

The God of the Universe becomes man to rescue His people. Why? Why would He willingly enter into our depravity and despair? Why would He risk so much for us?

Do you really want to know?

Nothing but the love of God can stand behind such radical, selfless generosity. We love and risk and serve because we have been unconditionally, illogically, incomprehensibly loved by God Himself.

Abram defeats Lot’s captors against all odds. This impossible victory offers a foretaste of the resurrecting, redemptive victory of Christ. We remember and celebrate His victory every Sunday. Yet we can never fully grasp the power of the Gospel until we listen as He calls us to fight for someone besides ourselves, to share the good news, to bless people in His name, whatever the cost.

Are we people who constantly illicit the question, “why are you doing this?” May we be a church that lives and loves with such generosity that again and again, we get to lean forward with a twinkle in our eyes to ask, “Do you really want to know?”



Katie Edwardson has served as Director of Guest Services at the Lake Forest campus since she graduated from Denver Seminary and married Eric last July.



God of the universe, Creator and sustainer of all that is; Victorious Redeemer, who set us free-Give us such generosity of Spirit that it overcomes our natural self-centeredness and makes us people who will take risks to share Your radical and unconditional love.