Week Two I Day 3


“Jesus reorganizes our life to be about others. Caring for others. Looking out for others.”



It’s interesting to watch how Jesus talks with the woman at the well in John 4. He didn’t just meet her needs but He engaged her life and as He did, her story revealed the needs of her heart. One thing we can draw from this passage is that caring for others needs invites us to engage in their life. Caring for others is more than just seeing their needs, it’s about thoughtfully engaging in a person’s story; like Jesus did with the woman at the well.

The invitation is to transition from looking at others, or simply seeing a need to meet, to truly seeing and hearing a person and their story. See what they do, how they see themselves, what’s important to them, what they are proud of, what their objections are, and where they hold their pain. Sometimes meeting needs is less about giving someone something or leading them to an answer and more about simply being with someone and walking with them through a part of their life. As a person shares their story, their deeper needs will reveal themselves.

Engaging with a person and listening to what matters to them creates a “one another event”. An event that not only reaches out to a person in need, but will also change you as God reorganizes your heart and draws you deeper into the caring kind of fellowship that is characteristic of God’s people.

Watch, listen, ask, listen, suggest, share, ponder, wonder… and wait in anticipation to see how God will expand your heart and meet the needs of those around you!



Drew Mjoen and his wife Christine discovered Christ Church in March of 1999 and attend the Christ Church Lake Forest Campus. Drew has taught pre-marital and marriage renewal classes in addition to classes on depression, anxiety and spiritual health. He also enjoys playing electric guitar in several worship bands at Lake Forest and on occasion at Crossroads and Highland Park.



Father God, thank You for sending Jesus to show us how to live thoughtful, caring and listening lives with one another, drawing deep into fellowship with You and them. “I will run in the way of Your commands for You enlarge my heart.” Psalm 119:32